23.12.2011 InnoConnections Wishes Relaxing Christmas And Happy New Year!

16.12.2011 Finnish Company Awarded For The Most Innovative Environmental Product In Europe

15.12.2011 Finland's Foreign Trade On Groceries From January To September 2011

14.12.2011 Robots Join In On Elderly Care

13.12.2011 Innovation In Cast Materials

12.12.2011 Finland On The Second Place In the Least Corrupted Countries Index

11.12.2011 The Renewing Wood Industry

10.12.2011 An Intercontinental Airfreight Centre Planned To Be Built In Finland

09.12.2011 OECD: Finland's Economic Growth Slows Down In 2012, But Remains Faster In Comparison To The Eurozone

08.12.2011 Finnish Housing Cooperatives Are In Need Of Renovation

08.12.2011 City of Helsinki Is Planning Major Wood Building Projects

07.12.2011 Opportunities In Arctic Wood

17.11.2011 Success For Finnish Environmental Technology

16.11.2011 Finnish Industry - Orders On The Rise

13.11.2011 Mining Industry Keeps On Growing In Finland

12.11.2011 Oulu’s Flag Ship Business Keeps On Growing

11.11.2011 The Finnish Fiberglass Production Ceases To Exist

08.11.2011 Grocery Stores Are Facing Problems Getting Butter To Their Shelves In Finland

07.10.2011 Finnvera CEO: Companies Are Still Doing Extremely Well in Finland

07.10.2011 Shout For The Wolf

05.10.2011 Fennovoima Will Build a Nuclear Power Plant To Pyhäjoki

28.09.2011 BSA Rates Finland As The Second Best Country For IT Companies

28.09.2011 World's First Moveable Block Of Flats Was Built In Finland

14.09.2011 Finland Ranks Fourth In Countries Competitiveness According World Economic Forum

13.09.2011 National 3D Cluster Starts In Oulu

07.09.2011 Finns and Small Talk

21.07.2011 Water Pipes In Finland Are In Need Of Renewal

14.07.2011 Food Safety Cluster Development In Oulu

14.07.2011 Finnish Economy Receiving Positive Growth Figures

21.06.2011 Finland Offers Gastronomical Delights For Visitors

15.06.2011 Finnish Economy Is in Good Speed

20.05.2011 Opportunities in Green Roofs for Buildings

05.05.2011 Nokia Started Negotiations on Laying Off 1400 People in Finland

18.04.2011 Organic Food Sales Grow in Finland

09.04.2011 Energy Efficient City Block Building Project in Oulu

30.03.2011 A Company Selling Protective Cases Is Looking For Distributors and Retailers in Finland

30.03.2011 InnoConnections Launches Trade Lead News Feed