20.12.2012 InnoConnections Wishes Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

18.12.2012 Finland Is The Least Corrupted Country In The World

17.12.2012 A Large Gas Import Terminal Is Planned To Be Built To Tornio

07.12.2012 Finland’s Education System Ranked As The Best In The World

05.12.2012 Finnish Innovation Decreases Plastic Packaging Emissions

04.12.2012 Finnish Game Industry Is Booming

28.11.2012 Finland Ranks 9th In "Best Countries For Business"

14.11.2012 A Charging Network For Electric Vehicles To Cover Whole Finland

13.11.2012 Another Cruise Ship Order For STX Finland

12.11.2012 S-Group Is Building A Logistics Center To Sipoo

30.10.2012 A New Waste Sorting System Utilizing Robotics Developed In Finland

23.10.2012 EU-researchers Support Establishment Of A Neutrino Laboratory To Finland

22.10.2012 A New Sensor Technology Developed To Help Waste Management

10.10.2012 Factories Are Still Rising In Finland

09.10.2012 Finnish Carbon Dioxide Neutralizing Company Is Expanding All Over The World

08.10.2012 Finland Reaches The Third Position In The Global Competitiveness Report

16.08.2012 Google Expands Its Operations In Hamina

15.08.2012 Valmet Automotive Signs A Deal To Produce Mercedes Benz’s A-series In Uusikaupunki

14.08.2012 Finland On The Growth Track In 2011

13.08.2012 Pioneer Biogas Refinery Planned To Be Build In Joutseno

06.08.2012 Construction, IT And Software Businesses Keep On Growing In Finland

11.06.2012 Finland Ranked Third In World Bank's Logistics Performance Index

08.06.2012 Hundreds Of Wind Power Plants Will Be Built To Finland

06.06.2012 Finnish Machinery Companies Report Orders Increase For The First Quarter

03.06.2012 One Of The Largest Housing Areas In Finland Will Be Built To Oulu

02.06.2012 Forestry Industry Companies Are Planning Bio Diesel Plants To Finland

25.04.2012 Forestry Sector Offers Double The Amount Of Summer Jobs Than In 2010

24.04.2012 Finland: The Promised Land For Property Investors

23.04.2012 A National Bio Economy Strategy Wanted In Order To Enhance Industries Co-operation

22.04.2012 Game Programmers Are In High Demand In Finland

13.04.2012 200 Investors Provide EUR 90 Million To Bio Gas Plants

12.04.2012 Gasum Is Planning To Build A LNG Terminal In Finland

11.04.2012 Tourism To Finland Grew By A Fifth Last Summer

10.04.2012 Stone Business Sector Keeps On Booming

09.04.2012 2011 Was Not As Bad As Expected In Finland

19.03.2012 A Finnish Technology Invention Won An International Design Award

18.03.2012 World's First Printed Intelligence Centre To Start in Oulu

13.03.2012 Ministry’s Vision: Concrete Suburbs Made Beautiful With Wood

12.03.2012 InnoConnections' Hometown Is Named 2nd Most Intelligent Community Of The Year

11.03.2012 Finland’s Largest Wind Power Park To Be Built To Ii

01.03.2012 Share Of ICT Related Production And Services Is Highest In Finland

29.02.2012 Estonia’s Economy Grows With Finland’s Help

28.02.2012 Finnish Construction Industry Defies Economic Stagnation

27.02.2012 The Finnish GDP Grew During September To December 2011

26.02.2012 Microbes Are Producing Butanol From Wood In Finland

10.02.2012 A Biotechnology Research Center Aims To The Top Of The World In Tampere

09.02.2012 Eight Finnish Companies Competing For The Nordic Cleantech Open Award

08.02.2012 46 Per Cent Increase In The Sales Of Organic Products In Finland

06.02.2012 Finnish Clothes Exports At A Record High Level

05.02.2012 The Finnish Railways Plans To Order a Couple Hundred Diesel Locomotives

04.02.2012 Finnish Technology Improves Battery Recycling

04.02.2012 Estonian engineering bureau is looking for partners from Finland

28.01.2012 The Finnish Growth Centres Require Half A Million New Apartments By 2030

27.01.2012 Estonian Metal Subcontracting Company Is Looking For Partners From Finland

27.01.2012 Estonian Engineering And Architecture Bureau Is Looking For Partners From Finland

27.01.2012 Finland Has A Lot To Give To The World

26.01.2012 The Wholesale Sales Of Electronic Supplies Grew In Finland

11.01.2012 Finnish Companies Fared Well At Design Awards In The U.S.A.

05.01.2012 Finnish Pedestrian Safety Reflector Company Starts Exporting To Africa

04.01.2012 Finnish Companies Are Keeping Their Workforce And Are Recruiting More Personnel

03.01.2012 Russia Approved To Join The World Trade Organization

02.01.2012 Certain Finnish Companies Are Coming Home From China