200 Investors Provide EUR 90 Million To Bio Gas Plants


Asset management company Taaleritehdas will build five to seven new bio gas facilities in Finland over the course of two years.

Taaleritehdas is investing EUR 90 million to the facilities which is considered  asignificant sum in the Finnish energy field.

The facilities will use communities’ bio waste and wastewater treatment plants’ sludge among other things as their raw ingredients. The combined waste treatment capacity for the facilities will be approximately 60,000 tons.

The raw ingredient will be transported within 150 – 200 kilometers radius. The goal is to make use of the produced bio gas in nearby industrial plants and to be processed into electricity and heat. The first step for Taaleritehdas is to purchase the Vambio bio gas facility located in Huittinen. (Source: www.tekniikkatalous.fi, 29.03.2012)

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