2011 Was Not As Bad As Expected In Finland


The Finnish GDP rose to last year, despite the many dooms day type prognoses regarding the economic situation. According to the Statistic Finland, The GDP for 2011 was EUR 35,559 per person which is the highest level measured in history in Finland.

Senior Actuary Mr Olli Savela from Statistics Finland says that the average growth in real income of most Finnish households defied the ongoing financial crises by rising by 1,4 per cent from the previous year.

The GDP for the whole of Finland was EUR 192 million last year with a growth rate of 2,9 per cent. This was 0,8 per cent slower than the previous year.  The main drivers of last year’s growth were consumption, investments and accumulated resources with an average individual consumption level rising by 3,3 per cent, says Mr Pasi Koikkalainen, a colleague of Mr Savela. (Source: www.helsinkitimes.fi, 08.03.2012)

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