A Charging Network For Electric Vehicles To Cover Whole Finland


The Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation (Tekes) announced on Tuesday 6th November that a national operator will produce a charging network for electric vehicles covering the whole Finland.

Electric Traffic project’s coordinator Mr. Elias Pöyry from a consulting company Eera says that the operator will connect separate charging docks as a solid network and allow national electric traffic services.

All central Finnish energy companies are committed to the national charging operator project launched on Friday 2nd November. The network will be completed in 2013 and Mr. Pöyry estimates that the charging operator will be in use after six months. Operator’s actions will grow the number of electric vehicles in Finland. This kind of sharing model is not yet in use anywhere in the world. The model will be built compatible at least with the European level and it has already drawn international attention.

The project will also create new business areas to companies. For example application developers may exploit the charging operator’s platform. Tekes’ Electric Vehicle Systems (EVE) program’s Manager Mr. Martti Korkiakoski says that the operator will be a tonic for small and medium sized companies.
(Source:www.tekniikkatalous.fi, 7.11.2012)

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