A National Bio Economy Strategy Wanted In Order To Enhance Industries Co-operation


VTT, The Technical Research Centre of Finland, is after a national bio economy strategy for Finland which could raise the production value of the forestry industry by EUR 6 billion, which is 22 per cent, by 2020.

VTT’s CEO, Mr. Erkki Leppävuori is looking for a boost for Finland from the forests, water, minerals and top of the range knowhow yet he calls for the government to chip in as the investments cost a lot. According to Mr. Leppävuori, the Finnish bio economy has prerequisites to become a strong, new success industry. Yet a functioning collaboration network and individual bio economy strategy are needed. The forest industry could expand their current operations to cover production and service operations of composites, bio fuels and bio chemicals.

EU’s yearly bio economy sectors revenue reaches EUR 2000 billion which translates to 22 million jobs and approximately 9 per cent of the EU work population according to the European Commission. EU is starting a framework program Horizon 2020, in 2014 that will focus on the research and innovation. The results received from this are estimated to create 130,000 more jobs by 2025.

Mr. Leppävuori challenges Finnish companies, research facilities and government officials to jointly speed up the development. He believes that the voluntary partnership program FIT, Finnish Institute of Technology and Innovation, could prompt the rejuvenation of the Finnish Industries. (Source: www.tekniikkatalous.fi,13.4.2012)

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