A New Sensor Technology Developed To Help Waste Management


A Finnish electronics company Enevo has developed a new sensor technology which helps following the filling of a waste container. The technique uses small, battery-powered wireless sensor devices. It enables waste producers to sense and manage fill levels and usage as well as the real time status of their waste and recycling containers. It provides 24/7 web interface with live status, statistics, alerts and planning tools. The monitoring system can be retrofitted to typical container types and it works with all type of waste and recyclables. The technology aims at minimization of transportation emissions and expenditure savings.

Enevo started a development project with eastern Helsinki metropolitan area’s waste management last summer in which they installed 23 sensors to mixed waste containers. Enevo’s Managing Director Mr. Frederik Kekäläinen said that according to their data gathered during the summer and autumn, with the help of their technology, almost one fifth of the waste container emptying could be decreased. Mr. Kekäläinen said that during October the system will be installed to Eastern Helsinki metropolitan area’s garbage trucks when the data and the status of the waste containers will be automatically transferred to the trucks. Service Manager of eastern Helsinki metropolitan area’s waste management Ms. Tuija Klaus said that concrete savings can be discerned during the spring 2013. If the new technique is found functional, the solution will be taken into use and extended to monitor also other waste type containers. (Source: Tekniikka&Talous, 11.10.2012)

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