Finland Ranks 9th In "Best Countries For Business"


Finland was placed as number 9 in Forbes’ annual rating of “Best Countries for Business”. The best country was New Zealand, second place went to Denmark, followed by Hong Kong and Singapore. Forbes uses 11 different factors (property rights, innovation, taxes, technology, corruption, red tape, investor protection, stock market performance and freedom) when grading 134 countries. Finland received high scores especially in property rights (1), innovation (3) and corruption (2).

According to Forbes, the greatest challenge of Finland’s economic policy will be to soothe a possible recession in 2012. Measures supporting growth will be combined with general government adjustment measures. Finland’s competitiveness, fiscal sustainability and economic growth are threatened by growing aging population and decreasing productivity.

Forbes based its results on research and published reports from several organisations, such as Central Intelligence Agency, World Bank and World Economic Forum.
(Source:, 14.11.2012)

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