Finnish Technology Improves Battery Recycling


Akkuser company, based in Nivala, is developing an alkali technology in cooperation with the Metal industry, that aims to reduce the processing expenses and raise the recycling rate of battery metals. The energy efficiency for this new technology is good when compared to smelters because the processing is done in room temperature.

Mr. Jarmo Pudas, the CEO of Akkuser Ltd. says that there is a global demand for the new type of alkali technology as officials have run down some of the largest smelters in Europe due to the poor quality of products they produce. The situation is even worse outside of Europe.

The recycling of disposable alkali batteries is considerably more difficult than other batteries as the alkali batteries are made from less precious metals that are, in addition, problematic to separate. The alkali batteries portion of all gathered used batteries is over 80 per cent. Even though alkali batteries do not include substances classified as hazardous waste; over half of their ingredients can be reused through recycling. (Source:, 19.08.2011)

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