Forestry Industry Companies Are Planning Bio Diesel Plants To Finland


Forestry companies are planning to build four bio diesel plants to Finland. Together these plants would produce over 700 million litres of bio diesel which would mean that Finland could easily rise its share of renewable sources over 20 % in transportation.  UPM has already confirmed that they will be building a plant to Lappeenranta. The three other plants are awaiting investment decisions which should be done by the end of the year. Locations for planned plants could be Rauma, Kemi, Porvoo and Imatra. (, 22.4.2012)

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InnoConnections - Markus

Metsä Group informed that they will not be building a bioplant to Kemi.

InnoConnections - Tue Jun 26 14:57:15 2012

InnoConnections - Markus Pitkänen

VAPO receives 88,5 million support from EU commission to buld a biodiesel plant to Kemi.

InnoConnections - Wed Dec 19 12:38:39 2012