Forestry Sector Offers Double The Amount Of Summer Jobs Than In 2010


Regardless of the uncertainty and the partially conflicting economic forecasts, the forestry sector has not cut down the amount of summer jobs the industry is offering. The three biggest forest industry companies, Stora Enso, Metsä Group and UPM Kymmene will employ between 2,600-2,800 students during the summer.

The number of jobs is slightly higher than in 2011 and significantly higher than in 2010 when the three big ones offered approximately 1,800 summer jobs.

Research and education expert Ms. Anne Kettunen from the Finnish Forest Industries Federation estimates that the number of summer jobs has been on the rise after the economic slump and she is happy that so many smaller forest industry companies are hiring good number of summer employees. On the whole, the forestry sector will be employing over 4,000 summer workers.

The Confederation of Finnish Industries informed in January that the goal for the summer of 2012 was to offer 130,000 jobs in their member companies. This is 10,000 jobs more than the previous year. (Source:, 20.4.2012)

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