Game Programmers Are In High Demand In Finland


There is a shortage of game industry professionals in Finland, reports Yle (Finland's national public service broadcasting company). The industry employs 1,500 people at the moment.

According to the game industry’s interest group, approximately 200 new programmers and graphic designers are needed this year already. Aalto University has battled back the shortage by, among other things, setting up a computer game professorship. Professor Perttu Hämäläinen began at his new job at the end of March 2012.

Mr Hämäläinen told Yle that the recruitment of employees can almost be compared to a war in the business as employees are “stolen“ from one company to another with ludicrous pay offers.  He emphasizes that the current situation is not merely a hype as the games are also selling very well.

Games are already Finland’s most significant cultural exporting sector financially. Approximately 99 per cent of the game sales come from international exports.( Source:,12.4.2012 )

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