05.12.2013 National Electric Car Charging Network Established In Finland

15.11.2013 Google Invests More In Finland

05.11.2013 Biogas Production Is Growing In Finland

25.10.2013 Game Company Supercell’s CEO Praises Finland

24.10.2013 Finland Has The Second Best Employees In The World

23.10.2013 Tourism On The Rise In Finland

07.10.2013 BBC Tackles Finnish National Delicacy Salmiakki

04.10.2013 BBC Covers Why We Finns Love Our Saunas

01.10.2013 Cross-laminated Timber Is Being Imported To Finland

25.09.2013 3D Printing And Material Technologies To Boost Finnish Exports In The Future?

23.09.2013 Finnish Researchers Develop A New Air Filter

18.09.2013 Finnish Wave Power Plant Performs Well In Scotland Waters

13.09.2013 Finland Is The Third Most Competitive Country

12.09.2013 Microsoft Builds A Datacenter To Finland

06.09.2013 Wind Power In Cold Areas Opens Up Possibilities

04.09.2013 Oulu's 3D Cluster Keeps On Developing

03.09.2013 Nokia Sells Its Mobile Phone Activities To Microsoft

02.09.2013 Finnish Exports To Russia Are Increasing

01.09.2013 Russian Company Is Building A Huge Server Room To Finland

31.08.2013 Biofuel And Biogas Projects Record High In Finland

30.08.2013 Finnish Metal Industry Keeps On Investing

17.07.2013 Finnish Wind Technology Company Receives € 100 Million Orders

10.07.2013 Plastic Producer Invests € 75 Million To A Porvoo Plant

01.07.2013 New Wood Based Biofuel Production Method Developed In Finland

19.06.2013 A New Cutting Edge Elevator Technology For Tall Buildings

17.06.2013 Finnish Company Invented A Solar Panel Integrated To A Wall

30.05.2013 The Investments On LNG Terminal Started – Finland Invested € 100 Million

29.05.2013 Finland Is The Best Place For Information Technology

17.04.2013 Finnish Company’s Invention Can Collapse the Need for Chemical Fertilizers

15.04.2013 City Of Oulu Is One Of The World’s Seven Smartest Cities

04.04.2013 Finns Developed New Nano Cleansing Technique

02.04.2013 World’s Largest Bio Fuming Plant Taken Into Use In Vaasa

13.03.2013 Solar Energy Roofs For Detached Houses See Daylight In Finland

06.03.2013 Organic Groceries Market Grew 24 % In Finland In 2012

26.02.2013 Finland Ranked Number One In Press Freedom Index

20.02.2013 Solar Energy Sector Is Growing Steadily In Finland

18.02.2013 Finland Is The Fourth Most Innovative Country In The World

13.02.2013 Finnish Innovation: Seawater Drinkable With Wave Energy

11.02.2013 Chemistry Industry Is Leading Finnish Exports

08.02.2013 Finland Is A Promising Place For Companies Concerned With Data Security

07.02.2013 Finland’s Largest Wind Power Farm To Pori

11.01.2013 Bio Refinery Project Proceeds In Iisalmi

10.01.2013 Finland’s Largest Biogas Plant Planned To Be Build In Lahti