Finland's Food Imports Are Rising


Food imports to Finland have tripled since Finland joined the EU in 1995. In 2014, food products worth over €4.7 billion worth were imported to Finland. German food imports have risen most within the last five years. Also imports from the Nordic countries, the Netherlands, Estonia and Poland have been on a powerful rise.

Germany takes a share of €700 million of food imports, which is 15 % of the total food product imports to Finland. The strong position of German products can be accounted to the expansion of Lidl stores in Finland, as well as inexpensive products which are interesting for price conscious Finns. Finnish chain stores have also taken German products to their selection, especially on private label side, which is a growing market in Finland. High growth import products are bread, cheese, meat, fish and other specialty food products. (Source:, 18.5.2015)

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