Finland’s Largest Forestry Investment Starts


Metsä Group’s Metsä Fibre has started the construction of a new bio product plant in Äänekoski. The complete investment value is €1.2 billion, which makes it the largest forestry investment in Finland. The goal is to complete the plant by the end of 2017. The plant will produce 1.3 million tons of pulp annually. In addition, the plant will produce pine oil and turpentine, which will be used by companies utilizing the plant’s side streams.

The new plant will increase pulp wood usage by 4 million m3 annually, which means a total increase of 10 % in Finland. The plant will use a total of 6.5 million m3 of wood raw materials annually, which will be mostly acquired from Finland.

When completed, the bio product plant will increase Finland’s annual export value by €0.5 billion and it will employ about 6000 people during the construction stage. The whole ecosystem of companies around the plant will employ 2500 people when the plant is finished. The plant itself will employ 200 people.

Core criteria in the plant's building are minimizing waste, minimum usage of water as well as high energy and material efficiency. Wood raw materials and side streams will be utilized as products and bioenergy. The plant will not use any fossil fuels, as all energy is created by wood materials. (Source:, 21.4.2015)

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