Major Investments To Hospitals In Finland


There are 20 on-going and to be built hospital construction and investment projects in Finland which each are worth of over € 50 million. Most of these projects will be completed by 2020 and their combined worth is over € 3 billion.

For example in the capital city region, construction of a new children’s hospital worth of € 160 million started in autumn 2014 and it is expected to be finished during 2017. There is starting a building project for a trauma and cancer center which is worth of € 250 million. In addition, Espoo is building a new hospital which is expected to be completed during 2016 and the cost estimate is € 123 million.

Northern Ostrobothnia hospital district and Oulu University Hospital are planning investments of over € 500 million by 2030 which include € 250 million of renovations and € 250 million for new buildings. New projects include women’s and children’s hospital, patient hotel, support service center and ER premises.

Tampere university hospital is building two new buildings for children, youngsters and patients suffering from immobility diseases as well as a maternity ward and premises for vascular surgery and interventional radiology. Middle Finland hospital district is building a completely new hospital worth of € 333 million and there is also € 87 million reserved for medical technologies and ICT systems. The hospital is planned to be finished by 2020.

Turku is building a new hospital worth of € 140 million. There is a new hospital to be built in Kainuu which will account to € 105 million expenses. Kotka central hospital will be renovated and expanded for € 127 million worth.

All these projects mean plenty of opportunities for building and hospital product companies. There are also possibilities for technology companies providing for example energy efficiency and ICT solutions. (Sources:,,,

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