Finnish Companies Return Home From China


There is a steady stream of Finnish companies relocating their manufacturing back to Finland from China. The latest returning ex-pat is Karhu, which brings its skis production back to Kitee, Finland.

Rising salaries, production and logistics costs, corruption and cultural differences have reduced Finnish companies’ interest to relocate manufacturing to China. Another major problem has been information leaks which cause companies to lose competitive advantage. Currently, interest in other Asian low-cost manufacturing countries is on the decline too. Finnish SME companies are looking more into Eastern Europe.

Within the last few years Finnish companies that have moved production and brands back to Finland include led luminaire manufacturer Valtavalo, bike company Helkama, mustard producer Turun Sinappi, fertilizer manufacturer Biolan, vehicle manufacturer Solifer, electro-mechanical component producer Elcoflex and brush manufacturer Sokeva. (Source:, 21.12.2015)

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