Infra Projects In Finland


There are new large infrastructure projects which started this autumn in Finland. Road four will be improved between Oulu and Kemi with an extension of the motorway, new overtaking lanes and intersection improvements. Road five will be renewed between Mikkeli and Juva, as well as a new southern by-pass is built to Lahti.

Especially the Oulu project is a major one, as the project consists of building completely new motorway lines on both sides of the road. The project includes also building a new bridge and several new interchanges. The project will be completed during 2018 and 2019 with an investment value of €155 million.

The largest new railroad project will be double track between Luumäki and Imatra with an investment value of €165 million. Tampere has also started the earthworks on a completely new tram network.

Ports are investing to as Rauma is improving its waterways and building a new container terminal, with an investment value of €65 million. The waterway improvement also includes smart technology pilot project. (Sources: Tekniikka & Talous 14.6.2017, 16.6.2017 & 25.8.2017)

UPDATE 21.9.2017

The Finnish government has announced that it will increase its transport network building and maintenance budget for 2018. The full budget would be €2 billion, of which the maintenance budget is €1.4 billion. Out of that sum €453 million will be directed to decrease the maintenance debt of roads, railways and sea routes. During 2017 the same budget was €1.28 billion. Biggest development projects are Vuosaari and Kokkola sea route improvements. (Source: Kauppalehti 19.9.2017)

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