Apartment Construction Increased In Finland During 2017


Finnish construction industry started construction of about 43 000 apartments in 2017. This is 40 % more than the long term average. Confederation of Finnish Construction Industries expects that 2018 will see the start of about 40 000 new apartments. Similar figures were last recorded in the beginning of 1990s.

Almost three out of four of new apartments will be built in a block of flats. Urbanization and people moving to growth centers are seen as driving forces for this trend. For example, Helsinki received a record number of new inhabitants during April – June 2017, and the area already has a need for new apartments.

Apartment sizes have decreased in Finland in the last 10 years. When a new block of flats apartment was 62 m2 on average in 2007, now the average size is 45 m2. (Source: Tekniikka & Talous, 4.10.2017)

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