Bioenergy and Recycled Fuel Investments In Finland


Oulun Energia is building a new electricity and district heat bioenergy plant with electricity production capacity of 70 MW and heat capacity of 175 MW. The new bioenergy plant will be built close to a waste-to-energy plant and the plan has taken into account possibilities to integrate bio refineries and other circle economy industry to the area in the future. The building of the plant will start in summer 2018 and the goal is to make it as environmentally and cost effective as possible. Technically the plant will be designed so that the boiler can utilize a variety of fuel compositions and their proportions can be easily changed. The plant will mostly use renewable and bio energy sources such as wood, recycled fuels and some peat. The goal is to reduce the amount peat step by step and remove it fully as a fuel by 2040s.

VSS Biopower will build a new bio refinery to Säkylä that will completed in 2019. The bio refinery will produce biogas and biodiesel. The closed production process will generate side streams of raw material masses suitable for fertilization and soil improvement. This allows VSS Biopower to cooperate with a Finnish fertilizer manufacturer Biolan.

Energy company Fortum and waste company HSY have signed a letter of intent to build a bio and recycled fuel energy production plant to Espoo. The new plant will replace coal use in Espoo’s district heating production. The goal is to complete the plant in the beginning of 2020s. HSY will be the party supplying wood and wood waste that it has received and it will also handle the ashes as well as other waste streams from the plant. Fortum will handle the building and operations of the plant. (Sources: Kaleva 5.1.2018, Tekniikka & Talous, 28.11.2017 & 22.9.2017)

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