Business Opportunities Newsletter Finland 2019


Business Opportunities Finland Newsletter highlights recent developments regarding interesting investments and projects which provide opportunities for foreign companies in Finland.

Some of the key fields providing opportunities currently are:

  • Energy, cleantech and environment
    • Finnish car manufacturer Valmet Automotive is planning to start large series production of electric vehicle batteries in Salo 
    • Many wind power park projects and investments
    • Many solar power installations and investments
  • Bioenergy and biofuels
    • Oulun Energia is building a new 215 MW bioenergy plant
    • Kanteleen Voima is preparing to build a second generation bioethanol producing plant
    • Nurmo Bioenergia will build a biogas plant for vehicle fueling
  • ICT
    • Google has announced an investment of €600 million to a new data centre to be built in Hamina, Finland
  • Marine industry
    • New production premises for shipyard Rauma Marine Constructions (RMC)
    • RMC secured orders for four battle corvettes for the Finnish Defense Forces as well as two passenger ferries for Tallink and Kvarken Link
    • Finnish marine cluster looking for workers and subcontractors from abroad
  • Infrastructure
    • Double tracks, bridges, underpasses, railyard improvements, electrification, and safety equipment upgrades for the Finnish railway
    • Ring roads, bypasses and improvements to traffic routes
  • Food and drinks
    • Food prices will rise 1.1 % during 2019 and 1.4 % in 2020 in Finland
    • Consumption of almost all dairy product categories will decline during 2019 -> replaced by vegetable based alternatives, such as oat drinks, creams and yoghurts
    • Finns are eating more vegetables, berries and fruits
    • A surge of plant based meat alternatives to grocery store shelves

You can read and download the full Business Opportunities Newsletter document which provides more precise information on the investments, developments and projects from:

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