€200 Million Bioethanol Plant Planned to be Built in Haapavesi


Kanteleen Voima is preparing to build a second generation bioethanol producing plant next to an existing reserve steam-electric power station in Haapavesi. The bioethanol plant will be producing 65 000 tons of fuel grade bioethanol, 250 GWh of biogas, and 230 000 tons of lignin. The plant will be using forestry and timber industries’ side streams, such as woodchips, sawdust and trunks, worth of 700 000 solid cubic meters.

The whole project will consist of a bioethanol plant, biogas plant, fuel and chemical storage, potential sludge combustion boiler and gas boiler, as well as process water handling plant. Also the steam-electric power station will be modified to a CHP plant which can produce process steam for the bioethanol plant.

Such a bioethanol plant will be a large scale project even on a global stage. Kanteleen Voima is in the process of acquiring environmental permit and after that a building permit. Construction is expected to begin in 2020. (Source: Tekniikka & Talous, 26.2.2019)

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