Energy Investments in Finland in 2019


Energy industry’s already high investments will grow almost 20 % during 2019 according to the Confederation of Finnish Industries’ investment questionnaire. Also manufacturing industry’s investments are estimated to grow. Chemistry and construction industry will increase their investments most after energy industry. Finnish industry’s solid investments are expected to grow to €3.9 billion of which energy industry's ’investments will be €2.9 billion.

Examples of Finnish energy industry investments include Oulun Energia which is building a new 215 MW bioenergy plant which will produce electricity and district heating. The plant’s investment value is €200 million and construction started already in June 2018 and it is expected to be finalized in November 2020. The plant’s design and area where it is constructed takes into account possibilities for steam power utilizing biorefineries and other industry.

Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment has granted investment support for several energy projects:

Nurmo Bioenergia will build a biogas plant for vehicle fueling close to Atria Nurmo food plant and if completed the plant will be the biggest vehicle fuel biogas plant in Finland utilizing manure, slaughterhouse biowaste, food industry waste and side streams, food waste and plant biomasses. The plant will also include co2 recovery technologies and utilization of digestate. The full investment value of the project is €33 million and the project is currently waiting for environmental permit.

TEGS Finland has received €2 million energy support for building a geothermal energy plant to Tampere. The plant would produce 29 050 MW of heat to the city’s district heating network. The project includes drilling of a 7-8 km heat well.

Kaskienergia has gotten €2.8 million energy support for construction of a new hydro plant to Kuhankoski. The plant’s power capacity would be about 5 MW and estimated average annual production 36 GWh. Waste heat from turbines would be also utilized in warming up the plant’s buildings. (Source: Tekniikka & Talous 15.1.2019, 14.5.2019, Kaleva 3.4.2019)

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