Finnish Industrial Production Grew by 6.5 % in 2018


The Finnish industry’s sold production value was €91.9 billion in 2018, which means an increase of 6.5 % from 2017. The share of metal industry’s products was 42.8 %, 20.8 % for chemistry industry’s products, and 19.2 % for forestry industry’s products. Almost half of metal industry’s sold value was generated by machinery and equipment, including computers, electronic and optical products, as well as electronic appliances.

When compared to 2017 the growth was strongest in machinery and equipment, as well as forestry and chemistry industry’s products, which all grew almost 8 %. Mining and quarrying industry’s sold production value also grew 7 %. In the transport vehicles category the share of motor vehicles, trailers and semi-trailers sold grew over 20 %. On the other hand, other vehicle sales declined 20 %. (Source: Tekniikka & Talous 9.7.2019)

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