Finnish Industrial Production, Turnover and Exports Grew in 2017


In 2017, Finnish industrial companies’ turnover grew 7.7 % when compared to 2016. Export turnover grew 9.1 % and domestic sales 5.9 % from the previous year. Industrial production grew 3.3 % and new orders grew a total of 12.8 % during 2017.

The Bank of Finland estimates that the Finnish economic growth will continue on large scale as exports are increasing and domestic demand continues strong. According to the Bank of Finland forecast Finland’s GDP will grow 2.5 % during 2018 and after that 1.5 % in 2019-2020.

The increase of Finnish exports will affect Finland’s economy positively in the short range. The growth of production recorded in 2016 and 2017 will increase in 2018 which will boost production investments. (Source: Statistics Finland, 15.3.2018 & Bank of Finland, 18.12.2017)

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