Solar Power Investments in Finland in 2019


The largest Finnish retail company S Group is doubling its solar electricity production. The group has made an investment decisions to install about 15 000 solar panels to the roofs of their stores. S Group is also planning another 15 000 panel investment when they have finished a check-up of the roofs of their stores. When these investments are completed S Group will have a solar power capacity of about 20 MW, which will make them the largest solar electricity utilising company in Finland. S Group is finishing an installation of 37 000 panels at the moment, which investment was published in 2018. S Group is Finland’s largest non-industrial electricity consuming company.

Finnish retail trade company Tokmanni has announced an investment to install solar panels to the roofs of 30 of their stores. Currently, Tokmanni has solar electricity capacity of 1 MW in six stores as well as in administration and logistics centre in Mäntsälä. The new panels will increase Tokmanni’s solar electricity capacity to 6 MW and they expect an annual production of almost 5000 MWh.

Tuuriin Keskisen Kyläkauppa has invested and installed the largest solar electricity system, which has been located to a roof of a building, to their department store roof during summer 2019. The system consists of 3500 panels and a capacity of 1 MW. The panels cover a total of 12 000 m2 of the store roof.

The Helsinki Expo and Convention Centre has installed over 2000 solar panels to the roofs of their real estates during summer 2019. The solar electricity system is expected to generate about 592 MWh of electricity annually and it is among the biggest systems installed in Helsinki. (Source: Tekniikka & Talous: 15.11.2018, 20.5.2019 & 4.7.2019)

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