Wind Power Investments in Finland in 2019


Finnish wind power company Tuuliwatti is completing its first wind power park, which has not received any public funding, to Viinamäki, Ii in autumn 2019. The project also includes a massive 6 MW battery to be built to Simo, increasing the possibility to even out production and consumption. By the end of the year Tuuliwatti will also begin the building the largest Finnish wind power park to Sarvisuo, Simo. The park will include 27 wind turbines with the latest technology. When completed the park’s capacity will be 151 MW and the annual production is estimated to be over 0.5 TWh. The project is expected to be completed in 2021.

OX2 and Infracapital are investing and building two wind power park to Uusikaarlepyy and Vöyri. Both parks will have seven Vestas V150 4.3 MW turbines and the parks will have a combined capacity of 60 MW, which means an estimated 206 GWh annual production. The projects will be fully financed by Infracapital and the parks will not receive any public funding. During 2019 OX2 is building six wind power parks in Finland and all in all 15 wind power parks in the Nordic Countries. 

Wind power company Suomen Hyötuuli also announced their first wind power park, which will not receive public funding, in August 2019.The park will have ten turbines with a combined capacity of 40-56 MW and the plan is to complete the park by 2021. 

The Finnish wind power capacity has grown quickly for the last five years and in 2018 wind power generated more electricity than coal. According to Finnish Energy, wind power production reached 6054 GWh in 2018, while coal electricity production was slightly under 6000 GWh.  (Source: Tekniikka & Talous, 7.1.2019, 3.7.2019, 19.8.2019 & 27.8.2019)

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