Information and communication technology

In the ever-changing Information and Communications Technologies sector, Finnish companies work at the cutting-edge when it comes to innovation, digital media, highly skilled work force and quality of enterprises' operating environments. Finland has a high availability of talented and qualified ICT engineers and other interesting opportunities. These include Finland's ICT market's proximity to Russia and the Baltic countries, easy access to public R&D funding and developer networks, potential test bed for new technologies and strong consumer demand for ICT products and services.

Years ago Finland was known mainly for its forest industry. Today, people mostly associate Finland with ICT. High-end technology products accounted for 6.2 % of total exports in 2013, amounting to EUR 3.5 billion. In 2013, high tech imports reached nearly EUR 5.6 billion.

ICT solutions have been integrated effectively in the everyday life of Finnish people. The country's upcoming generations are comprised mainly of the so-called "digital-natives". Companies, homes and public institutions use information technology in various activities. For example, Finland is the leading country in the world in online banking usage.

In Finland, companies can find partners that use the latest technology and innovative R&D. Many international companies locate their technological development laboratories in Finland. Finnish companies and institutions are leaders in the development of wireless and Web convergence.

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