Services for companies

InnoConnections assists individual companies in their entry to Finnish and European markets through tailor made packages.

InnoConnections offers 4 Steps of Trade Development from which the client can choose the suitable one for them:

1) Market Research [Brochure]

-> Determine business potential and find opportunities in the target market

2) Contact Lists [Brochure]

-> Long listing potential clients and cooperation partners from the target country

3) B2B Introductions [Brochure]

-> Client company introductions to long list companies and finding if they are interested in cooperation

4) Business Meeting Programs [Brochure]

-> Arranging meetings with companies that are interested to discuss cooperation possibilities with you

To these markets:

  • Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway
  • The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg
  • UK, Ireland
  • Germany, Austria, Switzerland
  • Estonia, Latvia Lithuania
  • Poland, Czech Republic, Slovak Republic
  • France, Italy, Spain, Portugal
  • Hungary, Ukraine

Prices are determined according to customer's needs and interest. Please contact us for a quotation.'

We also offer

Tender and news follow-up

  • Following tenders from a specific field of business
  • Following news from a specific field of business or industry
  • Providing client with information relevant to them