Mining industry

Finland’s bedrock contains chrome, nickel, copper, zinc and gold. Chrome and nickel reserves are especially high. The most valuable minerals found in the Finnish bedrock are uranium and gold - both found in quantities that have also attracted the interest of international exploring companies. The total value of explorations accounted EUR 81 millions in 2011.

Finland's geology is very suitable for finding valuable metals and minerals due to its location in the Fennoscandian Shield. According to 2013 published mining industry report, there were a 12 metallic mines, 30 mines and quarries mining industrial minerals and 16 quarries extracting limestone, gypsum and chalk.

According to Finland’s vision, our current 4 million ton mining quantities will be 70 million tons come 2020 and there are 40 new mines in the planning stage these days.
The upcoming years will see the projects regarding the mining industry in Finland growing and an estimated EUR 1 billion invested in them. These investments would double the mining industry’s turnover from EUR 1.16 billion to over EUR 2 billion.