Health care in Finland 


Biotechnology has become one of the most promising fields in Finland and many new small companies have emerged in the field. According to studies large pharmaceutical companies tend to outsource their research to the smaller ones. On the other hand, small firms need help in distributing new innovations.

Finland has five biotech science parks which are located in Helsinki, Turku, Kuopio, Tampere and Oulu. These parks function in close co-operation with universities, research institutes and other companies. The centres develop new innovations which are pursued to be commercialized. Biotechnical innovations are, when possible, combined with state of the art ICT and electronics solutions encouraging formation of partnerships in these fields.

Finnish R&D in the field of bioelectronics is top notch. Biotech science parks have all the facilities, know-how and the personnel to enhance R&D activities to the fullest. Opportunities for commercial funding in the field are vast, in addition to the public funding the sector receives.