Information and communication technology


Finland has one of the world's most comprehensive broadband networks. 96 % of households have access to broadband services, making Finland one of the most connected countries in the world. The Finnish government has set an objective stating that by 2015 over 99 % of all Finnish households should have access to a 100 Mbit/second connection provided either through cable or optic fibre network.

OFN (optic fibre networks) are deployed especially in urban areas. Sparsely settled rural areas and remote summer houses are not connected to physical broadband services - this is where wireless networks and mobile phone connections kick in. In general, wireless Internet connections are becoming more popular in the country and providers are tapping into these markets. The use of mobile broadband has been growing in Finland, taking room from fixed broadband.

There are four big players in the Finnish broadband network market, their market shares being: TeliaSonera 31.5 %, Elisa 34 %, DNA 19% and Finnet 11.5 %. The rest 4 % is covered by smaller local operators. The market is rather saturated by these service providers, however, there are constantly new opportunities within their development projects. Broadband connection providers seek services, infrastructure and development co-operation. Another opportunity in the Finnish broadband market can be found in combined marketing tasks as companies promote themselves abroad.