Information and communication technology

Game industry 

Finland has long been one of the top countries in game innovations and Finnish expertise is highly valued in the international game industry. One of the biggest successes was the addictive game played by people from all age groups: Angry Birds. The game was developed by a Finnish company called Rovio and it has been sold in a variety of formats all over the world.

The roots of the game industry in Finland lie in the strong gaming culture and the influence of public sector’s valuable financial and business development service projects for companies in the field. For instance Tekes (the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation) has supported the sector with several million euros per year. The R&D, the educational game sector, and international rise of the mobile game sector and public support for the industry have made the game industry a profitable business.

Finland has become the largest game centre in the Nordic countries, attracting interest from international and domestic investors. Finland is considered as a dynamic location for experienced and skilled workforce. The total turnover of the games industry was EUR 250 million in 2012 of which over 90 % were accumulated with export activities. Finnish gaming companies create brands at accelerating pace after seeing the success of the Angry Birds and its spinoffs.