Information and communication technology 


The Finnish optoelectronics sector has reached its commercial potential after years of basic and applied research. Development of material processing technologies and high-power laser diodes belong to Finland's strengths in the field. Several research institutions work with optoelectronics and provide services and co-operation possibilities for companies.

In Finnish optoelectronics companies R&D is a prevalent element. Finnish universities and institutions have created several optoelectronics spin-off companies. This way companies are closely connected to research and networks of these institutions. Many of these companies are small, but are on a rapid growth path.

One of the current R&D programs funded by TeKes (the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovations) is Functional Materials that is running at the moment (2007-2013). The program focuses on functional materials for optoelectronics and photonics as well as the application of functional materials.

The optics and optoelectronics area lacks large pioneering companies in Finland, which limits the possibilities of creating spin-off companies. Finnish optoelectronics firms are constantly seeking international partners for co-operation.

Optics and optoelectronics research is being conducted throughout the country at a variety of levels. These span from university and universities of applied sciences level, to technology sector, regional and national research centre levels. There are four hubs for optoelectronics research, located in Oulu, Joensuu, Tampere, and the Helsinki/Espoo region.