Information and communication technology 

Mobile technology

Did you know that the SMS was originally invented in Finland?

Finland's biggest success story is, of course, Nokia, which is one of the world leaders in mobile technology and connections. The early 1990's saw the first GSM phone be released by Nokia, initiating the technology boom in Finland. Now, that Nokia’s mobile phone operations have been sold to Microsoft, Nokia still holds a substantial patent portfolio and it keeps on developing its network, maps and GPS as well as advanced technologies business units.

Finland's ICT market can be a worthwhile endeavour for a foreign company that can provide high-quality products and ICT solutions. Because of the advanced state of ICT usage in the country, Finland is also a potential test-bed in terms of quality, usability, customer satisfaction, etc. Communications technologies have provided great opportunities for various players in electronics and software development. Content production and software production together with other mobile services development represent the emerging and fast-growing fields of mobile technology.

It is worth noting that, despite Finland's success, the country's information and communication technology sector-- including software production-- is still quite young even by international standards. The technology boom revolutionized everything at an extraordinarily fast pace, and it continues to do so.